2013 Holiday Bike Check Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the Magnolia BMX Holiday Bike Check contest! We received some really great and creative entries this year, and we're excited to let you know who the top 5 winners are! This year, judging was done a little differently, I mostly looked at the quality and then the creativity of the photo.

First Place: Natalie Noble
I couldn't deny the effort put into this shoot, good job Natalie! She's going to be getting a one year subscription from Ride and goodies from S&M and Fit - which she decided to give to the 4th place winner. #giving

Second Place: Rose Walton
Shooting in -21 Celsius and smoking an icicle, win. Rose will be receiving goodies from our sponsors and a $20 gift card to our store.

Third Place: Emma Caswell
Great effort on the decorations! Emma will be receiving goodies from our sponsors and a $20 gift card to our store.

Fourth Place: Sara McEachern
Holy balls, flatlander Sara McEachern shows us her moves on a decorative, yet functional bike. For fourth place, Sara will be receiving a $20 gift card to our online store and from the gracious Natalie Noble, her goodies from S&M and Fit.

Fifth Place: Angie Marino
Undeniably cute, Angie goes home with a one year subscription to Ride. 

Runner ups include entries from Krystina, Katie Munn and Abby. Great work ladies.


Thanks again for entering and I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year. 2014 is going to be another epic year for the ladies of BMX, I'm foreseeing a lot of new talent and broken barriers in the new year.

This contest was open to U.S and Canadian residents only. Ride BMX subscriptions are for one year and are only available for U.S residents. Instead, any Canadian winners will receive a $20 gift card to the Magnolia BMX store.

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