Ladies Finals Photos - Toronto BMX Jam 2013

Angie Marino entered the women's MTB freestyle contest at the 2013 Toronto International Bike show and landed first place. I got 3rd but there were only 3 girls who entered anyways :p. Both Angie and I borrowed someone's bike and helmet and I borrowed the 2nd place winners gear, who was also riding in the comp. It was like baton racing but with bikes. Angie also went home with first place and the ramp trophy at the Toronto BMX Jam. New to our team, Brooke Betancourt came home with 3rd and local rider Kiera Bonifacio came home with second. It was a great weekend, lot's of riding, fun, needles and 4th floors being evicted - you don't want to know.

Ladies BMX Jam
1- Angie Marino
2- Kiera Bonifacio
3- Brooke Betancourt

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