The 2012 International Ladies BMX Video Contest - Park/Street Winner(s)

First, I just to say how hard of a decision this was. A few years ago, a video would be sent in and you had your clear winner. This year, I actually had to harass my friends on Facebook to get additional votes in. I want to recognize both Katya Kruglova and Natalie Noble. Both great riders in their own way, but we could only choose one winner. I also didn't plan on a 2nd prize, but Yeah Zine and Magnolia BMX teamed up to have a 2nd place.
First Place: Katya Kruglova
Second Place: Natalie Noble
I also want to thank our sponsors for contributing to this contest. Thank you so much, for supporting women's BMX! Words cannot describe, how thankful I am for these companies to take a chance on a contest, that's only been running a third time. I hope seeing the progress alone, compared to the last few years, will motivate more companies to take a chance on sponsoring a female rider. Each of the ladies who submitted a video, will be receiving a necklace as a thank you for entering! Check back tomorrow at 1:00PM EST to see all of the entries that were submitted for this contest.
2012 sponsors
Chick Flick
Freegun Underwear
Flatland Fuel
Girl Bike Love
Ride BMX
Women of Freestyle
Yeah Zine

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