Random Jam on Sunday


Random Jam with Allan Box, Matt Wright, Spencer Mitchell, Prasheel Gopal, Shaun Lapsley, Aaron Wright , Leone Thompson, Rene Paquette, Adam Pergentile, Jeriah & Jorryn Pergentile, Rebecca Pergentile and Grace Cheveldeyoff


On Sunday we had a last minute Jam in Hamilton, Ontario with good weather, great people and awesome riding. Flatland is such a solitary sport at times it's great having people come around to ride together. Especially when your parents and don't get out much..haha!

Grace Cheveldeyoff is awesome! She came out to learn some tricks with me today, I am forcing her to ride flatland because encouragement is over rated. She's just starting to learn and already showing good control! I get so stoked to see girls excited for BMX and this jam was awesome to not be the only girl!!

The beginning of September or so I'm hoping to have my 2012 edit out. Fully intended to have it out sooner but life has slowed me down this year! Sorry!

Anyways...Ride on :)

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