Local: Santa Rose, CA

Local, is where we're going to cover the riding spots of your home town. Our first article is going to be on Santa Rosa, CA by Nikita Ducarroz. If you would like to submit a Local article, please email us your write up to magnolia@magnoliabmx.org.

Nikita Ducarroz writes

My local park is Ramp Rats Indoor Skatepark. It's a great park to have and I can attribute most of my progression to it. Ramp Rats has a box jump, wall rides, a little street section, a 7 foot mini ramp with a 9 foot section, a step up, and much more. It's on the smaller side, but everything flows together and you can get a lot done there.



It's like my classroom there. I am homeschooled, so instead of socializing with classmates at a normal school, after I am done with my work I go to the skatepark and meet up with all my friends there. It's much better like that I think, because we all have a common interest there. Plus, I never stop learning while I am there. Everyone at Ramp Rats is super awesome and they also have a pro shop with lots of parts and bikes for sale, at internet prices!

The riders at Ramp Rats are like my extended family. Not only do I get to fulfill my need to ride there, but every time I go, it's like a big party/reunion full of great times that I will always remember.

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