Peta in Cali Update

Hey, I've been hanging out in Cali for two weeks on a Colony trip.
It's been so fun. We have film a heaps of stuff for different things, so keep your eyes on out for the edits.
Right now, as I'm writing this, I'm in transit up to Toronto to hang out with my friends there for the summer. No crappy Australian winter for me hehe.


We rode Woodward West for a week. It's pretty fun. Super slippery tho.

My team mate Tom and I on the Mega ramp. That thing is crazy!!! I didn't jump it.

got to meet Kevin porter at the Vans park in Cali.... His a rad guy and so amazing in a bike. 
Me and Guettler's puppy Gunner. His the best puppy. So cute.
Ryan Guettler took us all to the vans HQ for a tour and ride of their bowl. Real fun

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