Magnolia BMX Contest Prizes


Here's a sneak preview of what we have for the best park/street and flatland video. Don't know what I'm talking about? Where have you been?! Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we're having an all girls BMX video contest. We've already received a few submissions, even a teaser to get us hot and bothered. If you want to enter, click on the contest tab to learn more.

To name a few of the prizes, each winner is going to receive 10 vitaminschtick's from vitaminwater, you can't get this stuff in stores! A couple of shirts from Ride and Odyssey, stickers from Yeah Zine, WOFBMX and Chick Flick and a Classic Front Load Stem from Odyssey. There's allot more in the box...but I'm to lazy to type it all out.

The winner of the park/street video will also receive an interview on Girl Bike Love and the the winner of the flatland video will receive a gift certificate from Flatland Fuel.

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  1. Excited for this!!! Gonna have to start filming a new edit!


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