Rebecca: The Real Reason I Ride!

The more Flatland demo's we do and people we meet I seem to be answering the same question over and over again! Not that I mind I love sharing with people about riding and my story, it's just standing out to me how re-occuring it is. Ready here it is!

"Did he (Adam - Husband) get you into riding?"

Here's the answer - No! I guess, it would make sense. I mean what girl is naturally drawn to of all things the world of Flatland BMX. I wonder why it's often people's first assumption that I met Adam and then started riding. They seem surprised when I say no! I guess it's an easy presumption to make that most girls ride because the guy they 'like' or are with rides.

But! Here's my story...
When I was in grade 3 my family accumulated a red GT BMX. From that moment on I was hooked. I'm the youngest of 4, two brothers and a sister. My one brother rode the GT to school one day about a year or two later and it was stolen. A couple years went by and He got another BMX. I always wanted a BMX too, but was not allowed to get one. I was in grade 7ish when we discovered flatland BMX. My brother now in high school met some local riders. Yes... this was a time period when I was the girl sitting on the side line watching them ride. Trust me it had nothing to do with the guys, it was the bikes that drove me there. Soon my brothers BMX was stolen again, and he stopped with the whole BMX thing and moved on.

I had a very difficult time after my brother had two BMX's stolen (and my rents weren't to happy about me wanting to ride in the first place) to get my own bike. After a couple years of earning and saving my own money and begging my parents I bought a 'bike'. And a bike it was! I say bike because it in my mind it barely qualified as a flatland BMX by any standards other than 4 pegs. A 350$ bike that weighed more than me. My life became hell the last couple years of high school. A couple friends died. There were so many life drama's and trama's that kept me from my own life.

When I left crazy town and was in University I used my OSAP to buy my first flatland Bike. I wasn't frivolous with my money, but seeming that it was near the end of my first year, and they had given me a couple thousand more than I needed... I was 17 and not thinking about the paying the government back part quite yet. As far as I am concerned. Best investment of my life. At 17 started to ride Flatland. ... Continue

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