Life Lessons Parenting Taught Me


Being a mom is such a valuable role in my life. It was always what I wanted to do and as time goes by I can't help but love it more. It has grown the appreciation of the people around me, the roles we serve in each others lives and to gain a clearer perspective of life as a whole.
Sure it's been difficult, painful and some days down right awful. There are moments I'd love to rewind 10 years and catch a couple moments to myself-whatever that is! It's so easy to forget that you are a person too when life demands so much and you are given so much responsibilities. Sometimes by the time you realize you forgot you were your own individual, you don't even know who you are anymore! Yet with all the craziness, hard lessons and sometimes life traumas there is a beauty behind what we don't always see.

Here are a couple things I've learned in life this far, that my kids impress upon me!

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