Toronto International Bike Show (from Rebecca's view)

I was surprised to see the video I made below, go on some of the biggest flatland websites out there. I'm so honoured they posted it! I guess it pays off when you are one of the first people to have any coverage. Rebecca made a recent blog entry of her perspective of what went down at the 2012 Toronto International Bike Show. Not only is it in a girl perspective but a flatlanders too!

Lily Pergentile (Rebecca's Niece) - The next upcoming female flatlander

"This weekend was nothing short of awesome in Toronto, even though we are rocking mono and caught some sort of stomach flu over the duration of the weekend. haha...
The flatland community is just plain awesome, and there is nothing negative I can say about the sport or any of the people I have encountered at events. I love and am so proud to be a girl in the sport. I knew getting into it, that it's male dominated (There's the odd moment I feel lost or singled out at events as a girl) but it is what it is, and I knew that starting out. Even so!-Riders are so encouraging and supportive. I am so motivated and inspired after getting out to an event, and can thank everyone there for it. So many riders had such positive things to say to me and were so supportive, I'm very humbled by it! ...CONTINUE!"

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