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If I was ever needing traveling tips, like how to travel on a low budget or even how to travel with a bike, I would always turn to Angie Marino. So I says to her, could you send me tips on how to travel frequently on a low budget. Not only how to travel low, but if say your a first time traveller, what tips would you have for a girl who has never flown before, especially with a bike!

Responds Angie: How I do it? Hah, sometimes I don't even know how I do it! (Below are some tips she came up with)


-Always figure out what is the cheapest way to fly/travel websites like,, (really cheap Europe flights) or good old US airways.

-Always sign up to earn miles when you fly, they add up even if you only fly a couple times a year.

-Pack light! You are only allowed one bag to check in and it has to be under 50 pounds! Which sucks because the average weight for a bike is about 24 pounds ha. Try to put the heavier things in your carry on to eliminate some weight.. trust me, it sucks when your bag is over weight haha.

-Facebook is the biggest and easiest social networking site, if you see that you are friends with another girl who rides, try talking and see if she would be down to let you crash or meet up to ride at some point on your trip.

-If you don't already have a bike bag, my advice is going to a sporting goods store and get the smallest hockey bag, your bike and clothes will fit in perfect!

-If you pack clothes with your bike try to put them in bags so they don't get all dirty.

-If you run pads.. put the pads on the bike.

-You should always put a shoe on each drop out so if the bag is slammed down your dropouts won't bend.

-Turn your phone on international in case of an emergency.

-Always look into the local transportation if you don't have someone to show you around.. sometimes it's cheaper to book in advanced.


If you have a tip, leave a comment below!

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  1. Tube socks!!
    They're great for packing up your bike for example over the headset,chain or dropouts to prevent grease from gettin all over your stuff. Also great for not losing small parts. Use your helmet as extra padding for your frame too, airports tend to throw your luggage around.

    Shred on gals


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