Toronto BMX Jam 2012: Flatland! ...and Mountain bikes?


On Saturday March 3rd at the Toronto International Bike show, Peta and I watched Rebecca as she competed for Novice title at CFO's Flatland Unlimited 8. At this time, we haven't received any updates of her ranking, but we are proud of her either way! Rebecca was also the only female rider competing in flatland. A shout out goes to Adam (Rebecca's husband) who placed 2nd in the qualifying round, congrats buddy!

While watching Rebecca practice, Peta informed me that she was going to enter the girls MTB freestyle contest at 2:30PM. No, Peta doesn't ride mountain bikes, she's actually never ridden one before, especially not competitively. The competition was between Peta and local Joyride 150 rider Trish Bromley. Both girls did amazing, despite how awkward the course was. This impulse decision landed Peta first place with the top cash prize. #Reasonswhydoingthingsonanimpulseisagoodidea. The video will be up in the next few days.


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