Girls JAM in Osaka Japan / 2015 Summer

BMX flatland riders Mai Nishikawa, Yuki Shinkawa, Tomoko Kasuya and Miyuki Dezaki session in Osaka.

Shanice Cruz on Freestyle Games

I wasn't too sure what this was, but after some Googling I think I solved the mystery! Check out these clips from when Shanice Cruz was on a reality show called "The Freestyle Games". Based in the Netherlands, the Freestyle Games is basically like a talent show but for multiple disciplines, and everyone competes in their own sport. People are voted off and some are sent to boot camps. Regardless, pretty rad to see a great rider finally being exposed!

Hamilton to Toronto on a BMX 77km!

Summer is winding down quickly, so it's time to take advantage of the limited time we have left. Just finished a ride from Hamilton to Toronto on my BMX, and you can watch the entire journey above. From Hamilton to Toronto, it was a 77km bike ride, which worked out to be shy of 5 hours.

The way up to Toronto was really nice. I took the Waterfront Trail for the majority of the ride but had to be routed into some of the city (not by choice). It got really sketchy by the time I was in the Etobicoke-Toronto area, when in two different situations, I was nearly hit by two cars pulling out of their driveways too quickly. I saw some sick waves along the way, and even had lunch with two roadies when I made my pitstop in Toronto on Lakeshore. They were really impressed that I did the entire ride on my BMX, and we had a great conversation about converting me into an actual roadie.

The ride wasn't too bad on my BMX, but I don't think I'm doing it again any time soon. I think my legs gave out before my mind did, with cramps developing near the quarter end of the trip. I packed fairly light which was a bad call, next time we're going to need more water and snacks.

The way back home was actually the worse part of the trip. I'm pretty sure I broke some record for the ride home. Not only did I get off at the wrong stop, but I also had to pee -and I wanted to pee at home. If I had recorded the trip home on Strava , this entire trip would have been 94km and I'm pretty certain I broke a record on the way back. Waiting for the bus wasn't an option because of the time, and a taxi was not worth the $30 fair, so I just peddled my ass.

Feeling pretty sore right now, so if you feel bad or you're impressed, hit like on the video and subscribe to my channel!

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Nikita on VSI

Just announced on the VSI Products Facebook page "Welcome to the team @nikitabmxgirl ! We're super stoked to have you on board. If you don't know who Nikita Ducarroz is, you will soon! Make sure to head over to her page and give her a follow!"

Instagram Contest

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