Amanda Carr - Racing in Sweden & Colorado

Hey Everyone this video captures racing video fro Sweden and Colorado! Sweden racing was A LOT of Olympic points for me which are super important for Olympic qualifications!! Here is the link so you can watch it #53 Amanda's Vlog :) Thank you!

Stouffville BMX Racing - Mini Edit

Spent a short day at Stouffville one afternoon and took a few shots here and there for this tiny edit. Enjoy!

Music: Demi Lovato -- Cool for the Summer

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There must be something in the New Zealand water, check out this Instagram mashup of Kiwi rider Ellie Chew. If you want to know more about her, check out this interview we did with Ellie back in 2014

Rad Girls BMX 2015 Vol 1: Unity

What is Unity? "Unity best described the attitude of the Rad Girls. In a long answer I feel like there's a lot if division among society in general. Unity is not back, especially between girls and women. I feel that in this society there's so much emphasis on competition, that there's no focus on sticking together. Especially among females. There's a rampant self image problem being driven by media that create insecurities in young girls. Being insecure will make you feel like you need to point out others insecurities in attempt to make yourself look good. That's why we have toll models like ronda rousey calling other girls "do nothing bitches." it's totally uncalled for and promotes division. I don't think I'll change the world, but i can try to contribute to my own subculture in a positive way. I'm so proud of the the girls flatland community, I think we really do support each other and we build our confidence together. I feel so appreciative that the girls allow me to do this. It gives me a sense of unity, even though we're all over the world, at least we can come together virtually."

"I asked the girls this year if they thought it would be better to do 2 edits split up to try and keep thrm.around the 5 min mark. There's was support for this, so I'm trying it out this year. It also helps girls who live in the other hemisphere a bit of help, seeing how their weather is the opposite if the northern hemisphere" - Paula C

Pink Bike Feature

How exciting! We've been featured on Pink Bike for products to check out under $200! Interested in the necklace? The head over to our online store! Big thanks to Paul and of course you should probably check out the other products for this month!