「TEASER」Inspire - Amanda Carr

I have no idea what she is saying, but I'm assuming this is a teaser about BMX... I'm pretty certain about that.
"รายการ Sports Inspire
ออกอากาศทุกวันเสาร์ เวลา 15.30 -16.00 น.
ทางสถานี Amarin TV ช่อง 34"

Pan AM Test Event June 12-14 2015

My to do list of meeting Tory Nyhaug, completed!

One of the biggest moments in my racing career so far, was being able to compete in the Pan Am Test event. It was one of the most fun, exciting, challenging and stressful weekends to date, and as much as it was around riding a new track, it also had to do with scrambling for proper race pants last minute. When comparing BMX Canada and UCI rules, they are pretty much the same, except the UCI is a little more specific and strict. On a regular basis, I choose to ride in yoga tights, it's comfortable, moveable and unfortunately the race pants that I've tried are not.

So on the day of the event I took a chance and came as is, and as soon as the commissioner saw my tights, I got an instant "no". I scrambled, asking everyone if they had a pair of pants I could borrow for the two day event. From coaches, to strangers, it wasn't until my savour Andy showed up -he had a pair which fitted just good enough for me to compete. Another rule that is a little more lenient with BMX Canada are gloves, but luckily I had a random pair laying around that I brought with me. Between the two organizations, there were a few differences. The one that stood out the most was how on point they were with the schedule, everything ran on time, down to the minute.

Day 1: The weather was calling for rain, but we were advised that as long as it wasn't storming we would be able to run the Super Clinic. I arrived on the scene a few hours too early, purposely done so that I could watch the pro's practice - which I missed out because practice was moved up a lot earlier that day. So I arrived at Centennial Park, just in complete awe of how big and overwhelming it was - little did I know it was considered to be "mellow", compared to the other UCI sanctioned tracks in the world. I'm at the track, and it started to rain, light at first, then hard for about about 10 minutes. By that point the Super Clinic was called off. My chance of getting used to the track had to wait until the actual day of the event.

Day 2: Aside from worrying about my pants, I was super nervous about my performance. It's one thing to race, but to do it on a brand new track was another. I decided the night before to stay in a hotel, so I could be at Centennial super early the next day. I practiced as much as I could, the amount of adrenalin I had prevented me from getting tired. When it was time to race, I was in the challengers class, which meant that any girl over 15 would be in my class. I had a full gate, also a new experience for me. I finished with 4th, being beat by a 15, 16 and 41 year old. I felt pretty good actually. The exciting part was walking up to the podeium and being cheered by peers. It was, a very exciting day - worth all the stress I went through.

Day 3: The last day wasn't as eventful, it was just me and another racer - I finished second. The real highlight of that day was meeting Tory Nyhaug, where I had him sign my helmet and even had him pose in a photo with me.

It was an experience that I'll never forget. I'm looking forward to seeing the pro's ride in the Pan AM games, and hopefully I'll get to ride the track again in the near future too.

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Sugar Showdown Seattle presented by FOX

Sugar Showdown Seattle presented by FOX: to Celebrate 4 Years of Women’s Ridestyle at 4th of July Bike Event
Sweetlines Returns to Seattle for 4th Annual Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic & Comp

Event Details:
Who: Sweetlines
What: Sugar Showdown Seattle
Where: Duthie Hill Park, Issaquah, WA
Seattle, Washington—Sweetlines, the women’s mountain bike coaching service today announced the date and details for the 4th annual Sugar Showdown Seattle, a women’s ridestyle mountain bike event to be held in Issaquah, Washington, on July 4-5, 2015.
When: Classes – Saturday, July 4 (9am-3pm)
Sweet Peas Class – Saturday, July 4 (10am-3pm)
Comp – Sunday, July 5 (9am-3pm) Sweet Peas Jump Jam – Sunday, July 5 (noon)

Event host Kat Sweet of Sweetlines and her crew of certified women coaches will offer one day of coaching and one day of competition at Duthie Hill Park, an ideal location for teaching their “ridestyle” blend of mountain biking, which incorporates slopestyle, freeride, dirt jumping and park riding.

“We think it’s fitting that the 4th annual Sugar Showdown will happen over the 4th of July weekend,” said Sweet. “It’s traditionally a time for families and friends to gather together, and the Sugar Showdown at Duthie Hill Park is a great venue for that. On Saturday, women and girls will come together to learn skills and push their personal limits in a fun and nurturing environment, and Sunday in the comp, they’ll be able to show family and friends what they
learned. Jumps, drops, wall rides, tricks—these will be our awesome daytime fireworks.”
Riders with at least a year of mountain biking experience are invited to attend. Depending on skill level, students will receive instruction on proper form and technique or a short refresher course before moving on to learn new freeride skills. Students are automatically entered into
Sunday’s competition, though participation is optional.

Jump classes are also available for younger riders (Sweet Peas, ages 6-9; Sugar Cubes, ages 10- 14) that have biking experience and want to work on skills while having fun. Sweet Peas will have a free Jump Jam held at noon on Sunday.

Sponsors include: FOX, Sombrio, Michelin Bike USA, Woodinville Bicycle, Deity Components, Five Ten, G-Form, Ryders Eyewear, and the WA Student Cycling League.

The coaching lineup will see renowned pro and IMBA ICP manager Tammy Donahugh who returns this year as an instructor, joining other confirmed event coaches, Stephanie Nychka, Angi Weston, Cortney Knudson, Meg Valliant, Lisa Mason, Lauren Heitzman, Carolyn Kavanaugh, host Kat Sweet and 14 year old assistant coach Kaytlin Melvin. Olympic medalist, Jill Kintner, will be on hand Saturday to ride with the ladies.

For more information about the Sugar Showdown Seattle and its sponsors, visit www.sweetlines.com/category/events/.
About Sweetlines: Pro rider and certified coach Kat Sweet channels over 20 years of mountain biking experience into Sweetlines, a mountain bike coaching and training service specializing in women and kids. For more information, visit Sweetlines.com.

Natalya Diehm B-roll,Throw-away's and Instagram mashup

Natalya Diehm B-roll,Throw-away's and Instagram mashup from Ikikyabut on Vimeo.

"This is a little edit thrown together while Natalya recovers from a knee reconstruction (Ruptured ACL and torn Miniscus). Unfortunately we didn't get all of her bangers on film before the injury so we have just put the left-overs and Instagram clips together.Hope you enjoy it and show some appreciation the next time a girl turns up at your local on a BMX.
Music is called The Buzz by Hermitude, go and hit them up on Soundcloud to purchase the song.

BMX Girls in the News: Olympic Dreams, Pan AM and Multiple Sclerosis

15-year-old BMX racer has Olympic dreams
"Ya, Sophia beats the boys," said GT Bicycles global marketer Steve Spencer. "We have open series races, and she'll go out there an beat the boys handily. She's an amazing talent." read more on Good4Utah (link)

Cycling Magazine.ca
Canadian BMXer Amelia Walsh looks ahead to this weekend’s Canada Cup in Etobicoke, Ont.
“I’ve always been a super competitive person,” Walsh told Canadian Cycling Magazine. “I didn’t take it seriously when I first started. It was just for fun at first and quickly became professional.” Read more on CyclingMagazine.ca (link)

Years after MS diagnosis, former BMX champ remains true to recreational roots
Brenda Gildehaus relaxes next to her customized wheelchair May 27 at her home in Spokane Valley. Gildehaus, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 32, said she made the BMX-style modifications to her wheelchair because she’s always tinkered with her bikes. (Tyler Tjomsland) Read more on Spokesman.com (link)